Rock Salt Hitting Car

How Can I Protect My Car from Rock Salt?

March 27, 2020

Many of us drive in the snow and ice every winter. To help keep roads safer, road crews will usually spread things like rock salt on the road to help provide drivers with better traction. Although rock salt is great for making the roads safer during the winter months, it can also cause damage to … Continue reading “How Can I Protect My Car from Rock Salt?”

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New teen driver getting car keys

Top Tips for New Drivers

February 27, 2020

Getting your driver’s license is an exciting time in your life and milestone for many on their way to adulthood. Amid the excitement, it’s still important to keep safety in mind. Driving is a significant responsibility, so it is essential to enjoy this new freedom with caution and safe practices. At Freedom Collision Center,  your … Continue reading “Top Tips for New Drivers”

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